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Managing stress using plant cultivation


Suffering from stress, feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope?

Our answer is: Nature

Yes, you read that right.

Nature is reportedly one of the finest relievers of stress. Many research studies say that staying close to nature is very helpful for boosting mental health, keeping your brain active and, most importantly, stress-free. 

Stress, if untreated, can manifest into serious physical and mental ill health, leading to serious disorders like anxiety and depression. 

Two of the easiest natural ways to keep stress at bay include adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying close to nature. You may have read a lot about the former, but we're to focus on the latter today.

Dr Bilal Zafar, certified medical practitioner and resident psychiatrist, was able to give us further insight into how plant cultivation and caring for bonsai can help both manage and reduce stress:

Dr Bilal Zafar

"It is scientifically proven that nature has healing powers. Seeing the beauty of nature or getting in touch with it plays a huge role in reducing anger, stress, and the production of stress-related hormones. It also contributes to lowering blood pressure, muscle tension, and helps you to stay healthy. Furthermore, breathing clean and fresh air regulates the level of serotonin which ultimately helps us to stay happy and calm."

With bonsai cultivation being such a prominent thing here at The Happy Shrub, we were interested to probe a little further on what else can help people get closer to nature:

"Well, it is easy. Going out for a walk in the morning, visiting places with greenery, a little picnic in the nearby park; all can bring you closer to nature. And if you are not an outgoing person or stuck working from home, plant cultivation is the best way for you to stay close to nature. Most importantly, plant cultivation is very beneficial in alleviating your stress!"

Dr Zafar listed: Improving your mood; reducing anxiety/depression and reducing stress hormones as some of the prominent benefits of working with nature, but didn't stop there:

"Besides these, plant cultivation has some other benefits. Like it improves the immune system, decreases the risk of diseases, improves the quality of air, etc. Also, if you are planting some vegetables and fruits, then it may also help you to eat healthily. Furthermore, you can also plant some ornamental trees like bonsai trees. They will not only eradicate your stress but will also impart a beautiful look to your home or garden."

Lets take a look at some of the Stress-relieving benefits that come with Plant Cultivation:

1) Improving your mood:

Plants create a soothing environment and people become happy and optimistic when they look at their greenery. Cultivating plants can boost your mood, enhance creativity and productivity, and reduce stress. Flowers, most importantly, promote positive thoughts and emotions.

2) Reducing Anxiety and Depression:

Research has shown that soil has antidepressant properties. Bacteria present in soil help in the production of serotonin, a hormone that keeps us happy. So, working with soil or plant can potentially help in reducing anxiety and depression.

3) Reducing Stress Hormones:

When a person suffers from stress, a hormone called cortisol is released in the bloodstream. This hormone increases the heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, etc. Plant cultivation helps in lowering the level of this respective stress hormone.

If you're looking to take a step toward a more stress free life, we can help you get started in the world of bonsai. First thing's first: Let us help you select a tree that works for you! click here!


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