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Our Dragons Tale

Our dragon's tale is a story of perseverance. It includes a relatable moral for all walks of life and our dragon begins its journey as a young, golden Koi Carp...

Throughout its early life, our golden Koi had been deterred from attempting to swim too far upstream the Yellow River, China, with fears of being mocked by demons. Many brave Koi attempted to swim far upstream but the strong currents would overwhelm even the most determined and ambitious. Many Koi had attempted this feat, but it was all to no avail.

Having witnessed so many try, our golden Koi felt ready to take it's turn and journey up the Yellow River to attempt the leap to the top of the waterfall, known as Dragons Gate.

A school of brave, fluorescent, golden Koi began charging upstream with the might of ten thousand warriors, working their way through treacherous rock and thrashing currents. One by one, the golden Koi began to fall and let the flow of the river carry them back. 

Koi Carp - Our Dragons Tale

Having battled such a force, the remaining Koi finally made it to the top of the river where they were met with a towering waterfall that shadowed over them, dulling the glisten of their golden scales. One by one, the remaining Koi leapt out of the water with all their might to try and climb the waterfall but most grew tired and, too, let the flow of the current take them back. For those Koi that continued, they caught the attention of demons who mocked their attempts and heightened the water fall out of spite.

After 100 years, our Koi finally took a tremendous leap from the depths and reached the top of the falls. The gods wanted to recognise this incredible achievement so they transformed our Koi into a Dragon, where it could take to the skies.    

This old fable stems from Chinese mythology and the Koi has been seen to represent perseverance, discipline and strength throughout Asia for a long time now. When we were trying to understand what type of small business we wanted to be, and what kind of message we wanted to portray, this fable strongly represented the type of characteristics we not only want to see it others, but truly wanted for ourselves. If we can immerse ourselves in the type of activities that will make us strong, determined and more charitable, surly some good can come from what we do. This brings us to what we're all about: Positive Mental Wellbeing and the Art of Bonsai. 

We believe we can can genuinely help create a more positive mental state for anyone who is willing to follow our guidance to help a small happy tree flourish into a beautiful bonsai. Yes, it takes a degree of willingness, a small amount of discipline and a minute amount of time to care for a small plant, but the feeling of freedom that comes with taking a step away from a normal day to raise bonsai, as well as the feeling of achievement as you see your tree prosper, really brings into focus what's important in life, and that's you. Taking the first step towards a happier, more enjoyable life can be daunting when you have the pressure of responsibility on your shoulders, but we like to think we've made an introduction to bonsai as easy as we possibly can: excluding the noise of complication and leaving you with a simply way to get started.

If you feel ready to come on this journey of bonsai with us, or would like to know a little more about how it works, let us show you how it works in 3 easy steps.



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